Shanghai Art Fair 2020(24th)

As one Asia's largest, the oldest, the most international art event, 2020(24th)Shanghai Art Fair keeping the scale and momentum of the past will be held from September 18 to 20, 2020 in ShanghaiMart, which present a great art feast for collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

2020 Shanghai Art Fair will be divided into 5 sections,including modern and contemporary art, classic art, public art,Chinese art and creative&aesthetics art, in the form of  the innovation and diversification bringing one great art feast to collectors and art amateurs.Based on the enduring cultural mission of  artistic intention, we will continue creating this display& trading platform, to join hands with galleries, collectors and art amateurs together to establish a good ecological art market.

Founded in 1997, SHAF is held once a year, with a 4-day exhibition period of more than 20,000 square meters.Galleries or art institutions from more than 20 countries are participating in;Thousands of Chinese paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, prints, photography, installations and other artworks were exhibited and traded.The number of visitors reached about 60,000, and the turnover in 2019 exceeded RMB100 million.

SAF 2000
The most spectacular one is Rodin"s sculpture called, The Thinker, brought by Sayegh Gallery (France), which was purchased at the price of $1,000,000 by Pudong Lianyang Land Development Company and set in Shanghai forever. This has been the biggest overseas transaction in Shanghai Art Fair.


SAF 2002
Another sculpture, called Cesar"s Thumb, was collected at the price of 2,600,000 RMB by Shanghai Zendai Group.

SAF 2003
One of Zhang Daqian"s paintings was sold at 5,500,000 RMB, which became the highlight of the fair.

SAF 2007
Saulterre’s “Series of Angel” was collected by Jing’an Sculpture Park at a high price… 
Peter Denger, the famous curator of Basel Art Fair which is called Olympic in art, once gave Shanghai Art Fair a high rating "It"s a great international art fair with bright future".

It is believed that Shanghai Art Fair will continue leading Asian art market under the support of art lovers and collectors.